What is the Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals?

The OACP is group of professionals committed to resolving disputes respectfully. Our “peacemaking” techniques are frequently used to help families move through the divorce process fairly, addressing issues in a way that honors and values each person’s role in the marriage. Collaborative Practice can work in civil and commercial disputes, too, beginning with something both sides can agree on: settlement by design. Our Strategy is that through rigorous training and constant professionalism we will always provide top quality Collaborative Practice services to our clients. Through the quality of our work, we will demonstrate the value of Collaborative Practice for clients, children, the courts and society in general. We strive to be the best in the ADR field and increase the number of professionals using Collaborative Practice in Oregon. And through community education, we will raise awareness of Collaborative Practice as an option, inform the public about the benefits of Collaborative Practice, and provide a directory of trained collaborative professionals.

Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals (OACP)

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