Child Specialist

One of the most important and biggest concern for couples deciding on getting a divorce,  Is how will this effect the children? A Collaborative Divorce is designed to eliminate conflict and the child specialist is there to assist you and your spouse in in building a new space that provides a healthy environment, in which your children can thrive after a divorce.

What exactly is a child specialist?

A child specialist is a neutral third party who represents the interests of the children throughout the divorce process. This specialist is a mental health professional – typically a psychologist or an LCSW – who has focused their work on child-related issues.

What does the child specialist due during the Collaborative Divorce Process?

The child specialist will meet with both clients and all of the children (usually multiple times) and then report back to the Collaborative team with a recommendation about what he or she thinks is the best parenting plan for the family. The child specialist will work directly with the children to make sure their needs are met through the divorce process. This may include talking with the children about their emotions as they go through the process; talking with the children about their desired outcome for the case; or just helping them deal with the impact of their parents’ separation on their lives.