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Date(s) - 03/05/21
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


OACP is presenting an Opt In 6-hour Zoom training on a crucially important (and timely) subject:

Recognizing & Interrupting Racism

This FREE member-benefit will be held once each month on three Friday afternoons, from 12 – 2 p.m. on 2/5/2021, 3/5/2021 and 4/2/2021. Your registration is for all three sessions ~ Attendance at all three sessions is strongly encouraged.

{these will be in place of our typical monthly education meetings}.


Following the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent nationwide mobilization for racial justice, the OACP board began investigating ways that we could become better educated, as a necessary first step to taking supportive action. We are so lucky to have found two experienced and local trainers: Rakeem Washington and Kasia Rutledge, lawyers and co-founders of Engage to Change LLC. They have over 20 years of collective experience providing anti-racism trainings, facilitations, consultations, and strategic planning to government agencies, not-for-profits, educational institutions, and businesses.

This introductory training (which might be followed up by more advanced ones) is designed to help the OACP and its members & friends gain a knowledge base that will allow those interested to assist in anti-racist/anti-oppression work. Rakeem and Kasia will start with “level-setting” to provide participants with a base of common language and understanding around key core anti-racism concepts, such as implicit or unconscious bias and microaggressions. There will have both large and small group work, including assignments designed to assist us with necessary self-reflection.

The OACP board sincerely hopes that this training will provide us (either as an organization or individuals or both) the knowledge and motivation to create and implement an action plan of anti-racist work in our local communities.

The training is free for OACP members; the non-member rate is $200 (for all three sessions). Those who need a reduced rate or scholarship should contact OACP President Angie Russo). We intend to seek MCLE credit for lawyers. We would ask that participants commit to all attending all three of the 2-hour sessions. {Scroll down to book your spot ~ Members need to be logged in to receive member-pricing, and even though no fee is to be charged, but sure to hit the “envelope” to finalize your booking. You should receive a confirming email}

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Additional Details:

Link to Trainers’ Bios

Kasia Rutledge and Rakeem Washington are co-founders of Engage to Change, LLC. They assist individuals, organizations and communities to engage in anti-racist and anti-oppression education, restructuring and action to help transform our society.

OACP’s Opt In workshop will be highly engaging, requiring interaction, reflection and  some hard work ~  anti-oppression requires action and commitment.  They offer a combination of humor and personal stories to make their challenging material more accessible.

Opt In is designed to help participants build the community and relationships necessary to create a foundation for anti-racism work whether as individuals or as a professional group. Exploring topics such as implicit bias and microaggressions can be difficult for many white people.  Kasia and Rakeem will lead us through  both large group sharing and small group breakout conversations to generate deep self-reflection in support of personal growth and increasing comfort with what can be scary topics for many of us. These trainings will provide an initial entry point to anti-racism work so that participants may begin to see the ways in which racism infects all of our minds, bodies, relationships, lives and workplaces.

Our trainers’ focus includes these principles:

  1. Intersectionality. Using a trauma-informed and intersectional approach, explaining how racism, sexism and classism intersect and burden the lives of people of color.
  2. Community and Relationship. Creating community and connections to amplify the voices of people with marginalized identities while de-centering the dominant culture.
  3. Accountability. Strengthening individual and organizational accountability including learning new language and shared anti-racism tools and practices.
  4. Humility and Vulnerability. These are essential if we are going to look deeply into themselves and the imbedded messages we have been taught and may wish to unlearn.
  5. Lived Experience. We will learn how to use strength-based techniques to avoid overburdening BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), and to help draw from the wide diversity of human experiences in our larger community.
  6. History. We will examine the ways in which history has created the current individual, interpersonal, systemic and institutional forms of racism, white supremacy, transphobia, ableism, classism, xenophobia, homophobia, and sexism that are finally in the process of being examined.
  7. Power. We will examine the role of power in its shaping of individual thought, relationships, and organizational structures.

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