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Student Members should have a strong interest in Collaborative Practice and aspiration to develop their individual collaborative practices, as soon as their schooling and collaborative training is completed.

Recommended minimum training:
• Basic interdisciplinary Collaborative training (14 hours minimum)
• Mediation training (40 hours)

Collaborative Practice presents unique ethical considerations, whether practiced by lawyers only or a team of professionals from multiple disciplines. OACP associate members aspire to follow the IACP Standards and Ethics. These ethical considerations are intended to complement the regulatory and licensing requirements of each Collaborative professional. Ethics and standards provide the foundation that assures that clients and professionals are engaged in a high-quality and principled process.

Click for details on International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) Standards and Ethics.

from Bylaws, "Section 2.01.03 Student Members. A Student Member shall be any natural person enrolled full time in a course of study and who supports the goals of this Corporation. Student Members shall be entitled to all privileges of membership except that they cannot vote or serve as directors. Their privileges may additionally be limited as determined by the Board of Directors."

The price for membership is $25.00 per Year.

Membership expires after 1 Year.

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