Collin McKean

Collin McKean

Biographical Info Collin McKean was exposed to the legal field at an early age. Growing up, he watched his father practice in a small town in eastern Washington. Collin realized early on the amount of skill and knowledge a good attorney needs to successfully represent clients. As he embarked on his own law career, he came to understand that the most effective family law attorneys are also creative and compassionate. It is these attributes coupled with a keen attention to detail and smart planning for his clients that makes him an exceptional attorney. Collin is a Partner at the firm’s Portland office and serves family law clients from our offices in both Portland, OR and across the river in Vancouver, WA. Collin's experience as an accountant prior to becoming an attorney also makes him especially good with complex dissolutions. This additional knowledge allows him to effectively represent parties with business interests and assets while navigating the legal process of valuing and dividing assets. He's also a strong advocate for those seeking to end a marriage or protect themselves or their children from domestic violence. While Collin recognizes that many clients would prefer to resolve matters without having the courts involved in deciding their future, he is a strong litigator when a case does result in trial. Collin possesses a background in alternative dispute resolution. This affords Collin's clients more options in resolving their family law issues with the assurance that their matters are handled in a sensitive and proficient manner. Collin is a determined advocate for his clients; however, when he is able to pull himself away from his cases, he enjoys music, swimming, skiing, snowboarding and photography. He has also climbed Mt. Rainier.

Profession Lawyer - Family Law


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