Myah Kehoe

Myah Kehoe

Biographical Info After graduating from college at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Ms. Kehoe moved up to Oregon and began law school at Willamette University in Salem. Ms. Kehoe moved to Portland in 2009 and cannot imagine living anywhere else. Prior to and during law school, Ms. Kehoe worked for various law practices, drafting pleadings, including an appellate brief. During her last year of law school, Ms. Kehoe also worked for Willamette University's Clinical Law Program, in which she tried custody cases and argued successfully at the Court of Appeals for the State of Oregon. Following law school, Ms. Kehoe worked at Multnomah County Courthouse for a year and a half. During the first year, she was a Family Law Facilitator and Clerk. This position allowed Ms. Kehoe to help unrepresented litigants prepare and file their own pleadings and advise them on court procedures. Her last six months working at the courthouse, she was promoted to the title of Judicial Clerk and worked in the courtroom with all ten of the family law judges in Multnomah County. After working with many clients who could not afford the high cost of litigation, Ms. Kehoe developed a strong commitment to providing affordable legal services to people in their time of need. While working at the courthouse, she was limited in the advice and help should could provide, which was the inspiration for her opening her own practice in January 2009. While the firm primarily focuses on full representation, it also offers expanded services such as collaborative law, document review and pro se assistance (for those who are unable to hire an attorney for full representation), and mediation services.

Profession Lawyer - Family Law


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