Is a Collaborative Divorce right for me!

Deciding to get a divorce can be complicated decision to come to, with so many divorce options it’s hard to decide which one is best for you and your family. For all of its benefits, Collaborative Law is not for every situation or every client. Here are some helpful hints to see if this option will work for your situation.




Collaborative Divorce might be an option

– Both parties understand that divorce isn’t easy but want make the transition as easy as possible
– Clients willingness to deal with difficult issues about the case head on rather than attorney deal with them.
– Cases where serious substance abuse or mental health issues can be challenging, however having a team that includes profession assistance to both parties to overcome the issues.

Collaborative Divorce might NOT be an option when

– Divorcing couples who cannot stand to be in the same with one another.
– Clients wants attorney to address all difficult issues so they don’t have to
– Cases where active domestic violence is present