We're Searching for Volunteers

Openings on the Board and working committees are available. Check the descriptions below and contact any Officer or Board Member, or send an email to info@collaborativepracticeoregon.org

OACP needs your help!

You are already getting great benefits from your OACP membership, like access to our monthly educational meetings, a professional listing on our website, and networking opportunities within our professional community. It takes a lot of good folks volunteering their time to make these things happen. If you’d like to be one of those people, please consider joining a working committee of the OACP, or serving on the Board of Directors.

Annual Training Committee.

This committee is tasked with putting on our annual OACP May Training (tba May 2020). Volunteers will help select the speaker(s), plan the conference, create marketing materials, work with potential vendors and sponsors, and host the speakers while they are in town. Seeking both committee members and a non-Board Member Chair. Please contact Angie Russo to sign up or learn more.

Education Committee.

This committee puts on our monthly educational meetings on topics relevant to collaborative practitioners, bringing in speakers from our local collaborative community and beyond. Beginning in August of 2018, these meetings are available to members across the state in streaming webinar format. Interested in helping? Contact Lee Hamilton.

Public Awareness Committee.

Needs chair (Angie Russo is Board liaison). What good is all that collaborative training if you don’t have any collaborative cases? The OACP Public Awareness committee is tasked with educating the public about the collaborative process through education, outreach, and marketing. The committee is currently focused on developing OACP’s Divorce Options
Workshop Program, which will provide OACP members opportunities to market their skills directly to potential clients, via educational presentations. Contact Angie Russo to sign up.

Seeking Board Members!Statewide Outreach.

This committee is dedicated to bringing the benefits of OACP membership to practitioners outside of the Portland Metro area. The committee is looking for volunteers and feedback from practitioners from around the state on what the OACP can do to better support their “non-Portland” collaborative communities.

OACP Officers

President: Kate Hall (2022)
Vice President: Patty Arjun (2023)
Secretary: Janet Tighe (2022)
Treasurer: Patrick Ward (2023)
Immediate Past President: Angie Russo (2021) 

Board Members
(includes Officers listed above)

Tonya Alexander (2023)
Christine Furrer (2023)
Bill Fussell (2023)
Lee Hamilton (2023)
Myah Kehoe (2023)
Angela Laidlaw (2023)
Jim O’Connor (2023)
Jo Posey (2022)
Kathleen Zumpano (2023)


Member Support – Programming:  Bill Fussell, Lee Hamilton, Jim O’Connor, Gail Nicholson, MA

Member Support – Annual Training (tbd): Angie Russo (Chair), Tonya Alexander, Kate Hall, Lee Hamilton, Kathleen Zumpano

Member Support – Social: Patty Arjun, Lisa Gabardi, Ph.D., Gail Nicholson, MA

Public Awareness: Angie Russo, Gail Nicholson, MA

Statewide Outreach: Kate Hall, Randall Poff

Website: Forrest Collins, Randall Poff

Internal Structure: Tonya Alexander, Grahm Porozni, Jo Posey

UCLA/R: Angela Laidlaw, Mike Fearl, Myah Kehoe, Randall Poff, Jo Posey


2021 Annual Training Insight Approach, ad hoc: Lee Hamilton. Kim Gordon

2019 Annual Training, ad hoc: Tonya Alexander, Lee Hamilton, Angie Russo

2018 Annual Training, ad hoc: Nancy Retsinas, Angie Russo, Gail Nicholson, MA